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Media Entrepreneur   |   Speaker / Executive Coach   |   Marketing and Digital Strategist 

Welcome to my website!


I'm a media entrepreneur, TEDx speaker,

and digital strategist in the human

potential field. I create wellness based

television shows, and digital experiences 

 focusing on success strategies

and mindset habits.

I also work with high performance female executives and entrepreneurs,

to create focused action plans

and powerful mindset shifts.

Media outlets

I have been

featured in:

About Me

    About Me 

I am an award winning,  media entrepreneur, who has created documentaries and five television series that have been broadcast on eleven channels in Canada, US and in over sixty countries. I have now brought together two areas of my life that I am passionate about.

The first one is the personal development space, the science of happiness, and anything neuro: I love the brain. As a TEDx speaker, and executive coach, I am fascinated by and have diligently studied internal communication processes including conscious and unconscious cognition, beliefs, and how our thoughts affect our results, habits and happiness.

The second area of passion is media and digital technology; creating wellness inspired media content and technology assisted self awareness programs. I look for ways in which we can use positive technology to help us control our habits of thought, mental patterns and emotional responses. Technology assisted self development was the focus of my Masters Degree thesis research. 


I have been invited to speak at the Canadian Positive Psychology   conference and the International Conference on Meaning. I am also a contract lecturer at both Ryerson University and the University of Guelph Humber.


My interest as a media and digital specialist, and executive coach is finding ways to bridge these mediums and skills to create inspiring actionable content, immersive learning, radical performance shifts and outstanding human experiences.


I have had the 

honour to


interview these

authors and thought leaders:

Marianne Williamson
Jack Canfield
Bob Proctor
Jason Silva
Dr. John Gray 
Marci Schimoff
Lisa Nichols
Dr. Joe Vitale
Lynn McTaggart
Marcia Martin
Dr. Lise Jannelle
Raymond Aaron
Dr. Ray Blanchard 
Terry Tillman
 Dr. Jeffrey Sachs 
and more!
The fruits of several  years of education:
Humber College
of Applied Technology 


  • Individual Development Counselling Designation: Canadian Training and Development Group  

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming  - Certification

  • The Architecture of Hypnosis -  Certification

  • Black Belt Instructor - Chito Ryu Karate

  • Psychology, Sociology - Humber College 

  • Personal Goal Setting Facilitator - SMI  

  • Organizational Goal Setting - SMI

  • Landmark  Communication I and II

  • Landmark Self Expression and Leadership

  • Landmark Forum and Advance Course

Ryerson University 
RTA School of Media 
Ryerson University 


Media Arts Award



Small Business of the Year Award


Arts Acclaim Award


Gold for Audio Drama Fiction

Media and business awards: 

Didi Vergados

Director of Bloom Hypnosis

Named as one of Toronto's

10 Best Hypnotists

Aida is a powerhouse coach when it comes to taking on a big goal. She knows how to help you find clarity in your vision, deal with blocks, and create the master plan to make it happen. With her direction I accomplished  more on my

business project in two months

then I did all year!

Aida is also a digital media maven, offering me valuable suggestions for my online digital  strategy. This woman  knows her stuff!

Marlou Tiro

ABS-CBN News Correspondent

for North America

Managing Director - Tiro Marketing and Communications

I have invited Aida to speak on two occasions and I find her incredibly awesome.

Members of the  PCCT were highly impressed by her dynamic character when she served as one of the guest speakers during the ‘Women and Business event’ held in Toronto.

Cora de La Cruz, President of PCCT aptly described Aida as ‘having the great ability to hold the audience and have them wanting more’. 

Theresa Laurico

Award-winning social entrepreneur  media personality, speaker and founder of the SociaLIGHT Conference

I highly recommend Aida and her executive business and life coaching. She has definitely taught me life lessons on resilience and persistence. She has exceptional integrity as a media executive, business professional and human being. Aida taught me how to reframe my brain and conquer any fears, doubts or obstacles with the power of a success driven, solutions-oriented champion mindset. 

For anyone who wants to tap into their greatest potential, and reach heights that you can't yet imagine, Aida is an exceptional go-to for a leading edge blend of NLP, proven business acumen,  results and life strategy/coaching! 

She is the definition of #badass.

Aida is a powerhouse coach when it comes to taking on a big goal. She knows how to help you find clarity in your vision, deal with blocks, and create the master plan to make it happen. With her direction I got more done on my business project in two months then I did all year!

Kait Howell  

Producer / Journalist

Huffington Post / AOL 

  While working with Aida she not only inspired me to be a great producer, but she has influenced me to create content that truly matters. She is incredibly passionate about what she does and she always believes in people. Aida is definitely a power house, and I aspire to one day accomplish what she has, amazing leadership skills, and programs that make a difference.

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